Why Study This Art?


There are many potential benefits from learning and practicing Nine Dragon Baguazhang. But, most people benefit with one or more of the following: stress relief, improved health and effective self-defense.

(photo of practitioner sitting)
Stress relief – one of the first goals of this art is to begin developing a quiet, focused mind. A quiet mind makes it easier and more effective when doing any kind of visualization (part of our training), and over time we learn to carry that experience into moving forms with more and more activity.

(photo of practictioner(s) in standing posture)
Health – this is a big topic which would be difficult to cover in a paragraph. But in addition to learning to relieve stress, the movements of Baguazhang are good for your body. When performed slowly and rhythmically, the movements keep muscles supple and improve circulation of lymph and vascular systems. Specific visualizations can also improve the natural functioning of one’s body.

(photo of partner exercise)
Effective self-defense –

  • Holistic Mind / body training (touch on specific exercises)
  • just self-improvement and developing skills. No belts or competitions.